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Stop Being an Environmental Lemming!

Folks, lets stop being environmental lemmings!
Lets do something about the EPA.
Lets insist that their science is verified.
Lets stop treating EPA “rules” as law, and treat them, instead, as recommendations.
Lets insist that our state legislators vote for or against any change to the EPA’s recommendations or any project initiated by the Corps of Engineers.
Lets insist they do this BEFORE these “rules” are enacted by the WA Dept of Ecology, Fish and Wildlife, or any other organization in WA state.
EPA staff are not elected.
Members of the Army Corps of Engineers are not elected.
DOE staff are not elected.
Fish and Wildlife staff are not elected.
Where is the voice of the citizen?
Lets hold our legislators accountable for making into law, any change to the EPA’s recommendations.
Read the excellent analysis by Cindy Alia of CAPR:
“Our Legislative Representatives have over time lost sight of this one particular important point in representation – they are to represent their constituents, and guard our right to meaningfully address those agencies that proliferate and promulgate law through their rule-making authority.”

Read more from Cindy at:…/citizens-must-regain-legislative-r…/

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