Keeping an eye on Snohomish County government

Joint Public Notice – Smith Isl – Ref No.: NWS-2014-00183

Application for a Department of the Army Permit and a Washington Department of Ecology Water Quality Certification and/or Coastal Zone Management Consistency Concurrence US Army Corps of Engineers Seattle District – US Army Corps of Engineers Regulatory Branch Post Office Box 3755 Seattle, WA 98124-3755 Telephone:(206) 764-6695 – ATTN: Ms.Erin Legge, Project Manager, WA DepartmentContinue Reading

American Citizens Must Regain Legislative Representation

From CAPR Blog: By Cindy Alia: Student of the history of Liberty Lord John Acton famously said “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” With this in mind, as Free American Citizens we owe ourselves dutiful attention to the safeguarding of our Liberties. This seems an extraordinary task when we consider theContinue Reading

Is PSNERP “Restoration” Site an Army Corps Make-Work Project?

PSNERP is a large Army Corps of Engineers initiative for the Puget Sound region, comprising eleven “restoration” projects in six Washington State Counties, including Snohomish and Skagit. (Visit the project overview page.) Curiously, one of these sites was recently diked by the Corps at a cost of $3.5 million, but is now on the CorpsContinue Reading

Public Hearing: Reporting Emissions of Greenhouse Gases Rule

Reporting of Emissions of Greenhouse Gases Rule Public Hearing Ecology is holding one public hearing on this rule proposal. The hearing will begin with a short presentation followed by a question and answer (Q&A) session. Testimony will start after the Q&A session. Comments may be provided orally by those who attend in person or viaContinue Reading

Public Hearing: Mount Vernon: Truck City Truck Stop

8 PM  Open House Followed by Public Hearing: Mount Vernon Truck City Truck Stop – Proposed Purchaser Consent Decree Ecology is proposing an agreement called a Prospective Purchaser Consent Decree with Skagit County for cleanup of the Truck City Truck Stop (3216 Old Highway 99 South in Mount Vernon). Also available for public comment are the remedialContinue Reading

Respect Please!

Discarding partisan stripes is not easy in the divisive political climate infecting all levels of government, from large Federal bureaucracies to small municipalities. And in light of this, we applaud Snohomish County Council Chairman Dave Somers (Democrat), Council member Terry Ryan (Democrat) and Council member Ken Klein (Republican) for working together to bring some semblanceContinue Reading

Stop Being an Environmental Lemming!

Folks, lets stop being environmental lemmings! Lets do something about the EPA. Lets insist that their science is verified. Lets stop treating EPA “rules” as law, and treat them, instead, as recommendations. Lets insist that our state legislators vote for or against any change to the EPA’s recommendations or any project initiated by the CorpsContinue Reading

PSNERP: An Expensive and Ill-Fated Experiment

PSNERP is an environmental experiment planned for the Puget Sound region during the next decade. It is a collection of 11 wetland “restoration” projects, paid for using $1.1 Billion (with a “B”) dollars in taxes and federal and state grants (i.e. taxpayers funded grants), and sponsored by the Army Corps of Engineers and WA FishContinue Reading